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[7] Ferguson retired last summe his hand-picked Moyers

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in the song you'll never walk alone, Liverpool failed to exploit home advantage of advancing to the   finals. Article 44 minutes of the first half, Manchester United Youth team of Belgium Nova blast andeliyasi-Pereira a world ball with a strong spin into the Fulton guarded the door.

Ferguson retired last summer, his hand-picked Moyers to take over. Manchester United gave Moyers a 6 years long contract, wish he was the old Tara Ford to do anything worth doing. But Ferguson go glance, geleizexin wrong, Moyers became Everton Manchester United, Red Devils not only voted down and qualify for the Champions League next season. Enough United States guy Moyers was eventually dismissed. Mentor's departure, Fei Laini quite sad.

The daily mail yesterday that Louis van Gaal will arrive in the next week, it is even more important, Netherlands will carry their own coaching team to come to Old Trafford. According to  the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Louis van Gaal had asked him the gold medal team collaboration management with 5 people in Manchester. These 5 people including Frands-Hawk (goalkeeping coach), Ios-Fan Daike (doctor), Max Rex (Analyst), Kluivert (teaching assistant), Danny Blind (teaching assistant).

[6] Fans of Sarnia is still very emotional

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Fans of Sarnia is still very emotional, many gun enthusiasts of this field bleachers chant, Sarnia, wants you to stay, but attention to the earnings of arsenal, are not     substantially increase the offer again, so if the negotiations really has broken down, this is probably Sarnia played at the Emirates stadium hosted one last time. Sarnia waved to the bleachers after the game, his  son with aerteta children frolic on the field and in the stands, VIP Sarnia model wife Lu Diwen rarely came to the scene within, increased the atmosphere of farewell.

Arsenal's game against West Brom after 13 minutes, Giroux received a corner kick header from Casola, this is a classic centre forward scored Giroux forcibly pushed open defense own Dawson  bias to shake their heads before the goal. Forced head ball is not common to Giroux, he only had 5 head shots on goal this season, but the efficiency is very high, scoring 4 times, on a headed goal in the premier league table ranked 3rd, just less than Mr Bonnie and Bentke scored 5 goals.

2013-14 37th round a focus of fighting in the Premiership season at Stamford Bridge Stadium fight, Chelsea vs Norwich. End of the first half, both sides draw 0:0, Xu Erlei shot hit the post, missed the break opportunity. First, Chelsea's Champions League semi-final second leg against Atletico Madrid after the entire line, lower back is formed by Matic and Lampard, attacking midfield Salah respectively, William and Xu Erlei, Baba as a single arrow. Azar, Torres, Samuel ETO ' o and David Lewis, players sitting on the bench, Oscar has not entered the list. Norwich while 541 defensive formation, in an attempt to get the key to the survival of scores on the road just.

[5] Super Mario "highlight moment in this battle

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published by the Sunday people newspaper pointed out that 26 years keentelang, while too few opportunities for this season, but left at the main gate after Marcelo was injured, Portugal nike free run sale     International has received in recent weeks is enough time, and doing well. The newspaper points out, both the coach Carlo Ancelotti and the one Cristiano Ronaldo, have requested President Florentino retaining keentelang. Before Real Madrid was going to the end of the season to let keentelang go, but at the request of the two generals, they have decided to keentelang to renew.

Cavagni, and Mueller, and Krause ... ... Louis van Gaal is not into the Manchester United, British media had earlier helped Netherlands artificial Red Devil offensive line shake for next season, according to the Sun, an exclusive report, prior to the introduction of these stars, Louis van Gaal's top target this summer favorite is played for the Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben, Fan Shuai will be a massive 25 million pound Netherlands under fellow.

Super Mario "highlight moment in this battle appears in 65 minutes, Balotelli booted right out of the free kick ball draw a perfect curve into small closed area, cambiasso who lost at this time, DeJongh 4 metres head-butt to break into the first League goal of the season. This was a God dedicated 6th assists this season, but in the last 4 games he has an assist in 3 times.

[4] Once upon a time, Ferdinand was Manchester

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Once upon a time, Ferdinand was Manchester United and England's defence pillar. However, with the   nike free run sale    increasing weight of years admonishes, Rio State not the same. Ferdinand's current contract expires this summer, Manchester United yet with his contract, which made him leave the possibility of explosion. Earlier this season, Leo, retired this summer was considered, but dismissed the idea that he, he thinks he can still play for a few years more. Ryan Giggs has called on United's Board of directors gave Rio Ferdinand out of the new contract, but the Red Devils intends to deliver this to the heart cute Louis van Gaal Highness.

Including the glazers owned Manchester United, near one-third in the premiership club's owner is American, I was amazed about this figure. Earlier this season, I had talked with shaxide?Han, I asked the world's super rich, why do you think he bought Fulham, Club status he holds a United States Football League team the Jacksonville Jaguars are very similar.

Moyers class, Evra stressed that United all have failed, and we all have a responsibility, every player has to take responsibility for both the young players and the old players. I'm not going to accuse anyone else, and this year everyone has failed. I think the players lacked confidence, Ferguson was legendary, United not so easy to achieve a smooth transition.

[3] Manchester United in the summer of last year

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.AC Milan for such results to be satisfactory. Assists with Ba Shen DeJongh to score, they won 6 games in nearly three years against Derby first victory, and will work with the European Union distinguish difference narrowed to 1. For Milan, who captained the Champions League this season, experienced a season change of the rossoneri, if they can appear in next season's Europa League game, it can be considered a comfort of this sad season. The La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper said DeJongh, the goals may be a goal to change patterns and fate, the team's fate, Seedorf's fate and the fate of Adriano Galliani. But Mazar, a wretched failure like this, there is bound to be deepening the inter fans for his offensive, because in addition to tactical deployment of the dispute, he sent troops employing more impersonal, SA-career finale in Derby, Mazar didn't give him a minute.

Manchester United in the summer of last year, Russia League refused before the transfer window from Zenit was quoted, who want 25 million pounds to the introduction in the Red Devils went sadly frustrated player. Manchester United denied on grounds that they did not have enough time for Nani, looking for a replacement.

English football has made huge progress, value growing mostly thanks to Premier brands, is selling its only overseas TV rights will be able to bring back more than $ 8 billion fortune. However, the United States overnight as part of the framework of sports consumption of things. It can be said that over the past few years, the most important chapter in British-American relations is what exists on the football field.

[2] mfdxb

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[1] 掲示板が完成しましたキラキラ

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