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To Make An Improvement Of Excessive Fatness Of Your Knee

 投稿者:shenghuotong  投稿日:2010年 4月15日(木)16時09分57秒
  Due to gathered fat or extra flesh, female knees would look plump and swollen to disfigure the beautiful lines of her legs, for which to be called "streamed bread-like knees". Here are some tips from French fitness experts on how to save your "bread" knees:Spring€s Most Dramatic tiffany jewelry Hot Collection

Taking part in more sport activities which exercise knees, like jogging, aerobics, high jump, long jump, swimming and so on. And also you should apply stress on purpose during the exercises. Thus by accelerating the consumption of the accumulated fat in the knees, a lady can finally make the flab around the knees brawnier.

If the condition permitted, females might climb mountains every day as well. You should increase the time from more than 10 minutes everyday to tens of minutes every day step by step, and increase the times and speed of walking up and down the stairs. When climbing a mountain or a ladder, you must make the knees be used as much as possible and keep the legs straight.

Change position skipping. Rope skipping is not the weather, time constraints; anytime, anywhere can be. But you must pay more attention to changing postures, not to make the impact force of the knees so strong,so that both knees can get practice and be ensured the safety.

Swimming. Swimming is the fastest approach to shape beautiful legs and knees, and breaststroke is the fastest among all strokes. Swimming is quite safe. Your knees are not likely to be injured because of over exercise.

Insist on doing knee movement. Miss Bai Ling can make use of work time for inter-knees exercise as squatting movement, legs and feet close together and squat up. After squatting,using the knee to power the body,squatting 30 times every time,insisting 3 times everyday. Massage and pat your knees regularly and properly. Keep practicing it can speed up the blood circulation of your knees and remove the redundant fat.

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 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2010年 4月15日(木)16時05分58秒